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Your Ultimate Relaxation On A Winter's Day- Fleece legging

Your Comfort And Fashion Lines Of Leggings.....

 Leggings are one of those fashion accessories that evoke strong feelings. It appears that legging trend will be around for another year or two, so you might want to incorporate them into your wardrobe from now on...Versatile leggings can be worn year around and make the transition from casual weekend wear to a night on the town with ease. Another plus is that leggings are inexpensive. So definitely, not a thing of the past, but a wave of the future....

I list top current models of leggings beautifully priced, say $2- $10 and comes with free shipping!

Finally it's not about the figure you look, but how you wear them is important when you buy them. I show some of the wearing styles of leggings.



Snag a few pair of the top rated ones before the price shoots up! Thanks to all styles and designs available here. Perhaps you are just starting out and might be wary of leggings or may be you already know how to wear leggings, but want to take your style up a notch. Even for the expert legging lover, there are hundreds of choices available in this merchant site for increasing any legging wardrobe.

Remember to always check the seams, the lining and the material to be sure the leggings would be a good fit and will not be see-through. Double-check the sizing charts provided on each package to ensure you're purchasing the correct size based on your height and weight.


           1.    Yelete Women's Seamless Kermo Fleece Legging

                                      Price: $7.95

  • Cotton/ Spandex
  • 80% Polyester 20% Elastane
  •  Free size- one size fits most
  • Perfect everyday staple
  • Comfortable elastic waistband
  • Fabric is thick enough to wear as pants
  • 12 color shades to choose from

Product Description:

Keep it basic, keep it comfy with the Seamless Kermo Legging. Stretchable ribbed waistband with soft poly interior lining that creates the ultimate relaxation on a winters day.



Customer Reviews:

By Ms. Q on October 22, 2013
Color Name: Army Green
Received these leggings very promptly and am very pleased with their fit and quality. I am petite so I was a bit worried that one size fits all would be too large for me, but they fit perfectly. They are very warm and stretchy, so I think they would probably fit larger sizes as well. 

By Erin Welch on October 27, 2013
Color Name: Grey 
I bought these in Grey for a Jareth (David Bowie from Labyrinth) costume. I was happy to find them thicker and warmer than expected. They made my legs look GREAT! I'm considering buying some in other colors for everyday fall/winter wear!                                                            


                                                        Unbeatable Price!


2.   Fashionmic Premium Heavy Weight Fleece Lined Legging -                                           Many Color


                                                      Unbeatable Price

  •      Size :            Free size; one size fits most
  •      Color:           16 colors to choose from, mixed
  •      Sold by :       Fashion MIC
  •      Composition: 95% polyester, 5% spandex

The bliss seamless fleece leggings is the perfect pair leggings for indoor/outdoor winter activities. They are 175 grams in weight density. Just picture a nice comfortable fleece pull-over, but for your legs. Your general sweat pants doesn't even stand a chance. Moreover these leggings are premium in material content. They're essential for work, play or simply just relaxing.

Customer Reviews:

By mhenson0911 on October 24, 2013
Color Name: RedSize Name: free size
I was very nervous about ordering these because they were one size. I am 5'5" and 175 lbs and
just had a baby. Most leggings give me a muffin top. These are buy far the best leggings I have
ever worn and they fit perfectly. You can't beat how warm they are! I want them in every color. I
will definitely be ordering again!

By MistressFontaine on November 1, 2013
Color Name: CoralSize Name: free size
I'm reluctant to leave a great review as I don't want too many people catching on to how great
these tights are or when I come back to get more colors, they won't be available!!!

I 'm 5'6" currently 145lbs with a small waist, large butt and thick thighs. I was concerned about
these not staying up on My tiny waist, but they do! They are warm, cozy (I'm wearing the navy
ones as I type this)... Long enough to fit My legs without showing My ankles, and long enough
to cover My the tops of boots if I wanted....

I really can't say enough about them. They don't have a pungent odor like some tights do and
they have real warm fleece inside, not that BS crap. I just got them, so I have no clue how the
wear and tear is on them. But I bought 5 colors on the first buy after reading the reviews and
I must admit, I am ready to buy 5 more at this point.

In case color is important. I bought Orange, Coral, Navy, Purple and Mint. They all look exactly
as the pictures do. The same color, right on the money! Save yourself the hassle, stop reading
now and buy them already. you'll be so happy you did! I know I was.


3. D&K Winter Fleece, Seamless, Plus Full Leggings:


  • One size fits most (US junior to large) plus size (XL/ XXXL)
  • Different thickness available- Thin (great for layering)
  •                                              Regular (great for layering)
  •                                              Thick (winter fleece) 
  • Perfect to wear under short shorts or a skirt- great for layering- thick legging great for winter wear
  • Leggings stretch to fit
  • Knee length and capri length leggings are also available.

Select from 31 colors!

                                                    Unbeatable price

Your epitome of both comfort and fashion. The soft breathable material is made with seamless microfiber to bring you the ultimate texture, fitting for any occasion. From a fancy dinner to a lazy-day at home, these leggings can transform and complement any outfits!. A purchase you will never regret.

Customer Reviews:

by far, these are the beat leggings I've bought . they are so soft and comfortable. I love leggings
so I am a picky buyer. I've bought so many different leggings in the past with different department
stores and all of them are nothing compared to this one . those are much more expensive too.
they are so tight on the waist line . it gives me this weird double fold of fat shape .. but this one .
its not tight at all at the waist. first , i can finally breath. second, it gives me a better looking curved body. I can wear this with basically anything. it also gives enough air Flow that when I wear it during the day time .
when its 100 degrees out there . I don't feel hot at all. I don't sweat in these . when its at night . I
don't feel cold either . quite suprizing actually. I am 5`6 and 122 pounds and when I find good
things . I want to share it with everyone. girls, these are amazing leggings that everyone should at
least own a pair . its a keeper! . I've already bought the Capri one in black .
I can't wait to get more !

By Felix W Yao on July 25, 2013
Color Name: FuchsiaSize Name: 1. Thin (Great for layering)
I bought this for my pregnant wife, who has been complaining how pants don't fit her comfortably
anymore. She also doesn't like the maternity bands that go over her pants. She just wanted
something soft and stretchy to wear with her dresses. This pair of bright pink leggings was
exactly what she wanted. She said the material is very soft and the quality is way better than
any department store kind. She loves it so much that she's sleeping in them instead. I'm about to
purchase 2 more black pairs. The seller is also very responsive. We got the product in less than
2 days. Highly recommended!!

  4. Greatlookz Women's Fab Fit Anytime Leggings


  • Brightly colored leggings are a huge fashion this year
  • Go casual and cool or dress these ladies leggings up for a girls night out in style
  • Wear these underneath any skirt, tunic, or dress any day of the week to almost any occasion
  • 17 bright color options available, one for every outfit!
  • Fabric is composed of 20% Spandax, and 80% Nylon
  • One size fits most ladies
  • Hand wash in cold water and hang to dry or dry-clean for best results.

These durable, versatile and fashionable leggings are in hot sale and available in limited quantities! hurry!!

                                                             Unbeatable price

Customer reviews:

By sugeiry on September 28, 2013
Color Name: Coral
my legs look so sexy on this. love it. very see through but I don't care. I'm wearing it with long tops. now why does this review comment have to be 20 or more words?

Color Name: Coral
The colors I got in these were just like the photo - very vibrant. The material is very thin, however,
so underwear shows, especially under the lighter colors. They look awesome with a long top

5. Angelina Women's Full-Length Seamless Leggings

  • Size: one size/ queen size
  • Color: 12 colors to choose from
  • Seamless microfiber leggings with great length/stretch
  • One size fits beautifully on models up to US size 18
  • Generous fit on the bottom/pants area; no sliding down mid-butt in the middle of a squad
  • Dress it up with some fancy tunic shirt, or dress it down as jammy
  • Machine-washable (preferably with laundry bag or hand-wash), hang dry.

Get all the seasons hottest vibrant colors without breaking your bank. These leggings are made of seamless microfiber material with incredible stretch/coverage. It gives colors to your outfit , works great as exercise/ yoga pants, triple-functions as jammy,Yes. It's that comfortable! It's personally fitted on "life models" to ensure that the sizing is comfortable for humans (not manniquen) from size 4 to 18. For anyone smaller, shorter or with thinner legs, there will be extra ruching around the ankle, that makes it look even prettier. For anyone larger, we now offer the same great style and fit in plus size by popular demand.

                                                  Unbeatable Price     

Customer Reviews:

Color Name: GraySize Name: One Size
I've had the black leggings for a while. First off, FYI (never having worn leggings before, this was
like discovering fire) -- you have to put them on the same way you would put on pantyhose, rolling
down and pulling up. Not sure how to describe that. If you try to just put them on like pants, you will
fail, at least if you have thunder thighs like I do.

I'm 5'2" and was size 18 when I started wearing the black leggings. They were snug. Afore
-mentioned thunder thighs had the leggings at probably the upper edge of the fit range. And they
don't really get stretched out like jeans; the amount of tension in the fabric remains consistent for
me even at the end of the day. Now that I've lost some pregnancy weight and am down to a 14/16,
they are not as snug, but still form-fitting, like magic. I have a short torso; the leggings reach up to
my navel with plenty of stretch around the hips, and I have yet to have a problem with them rolling

These leggings are fantastic. They provide enough coverage/warmth for me to be able to wear
my skirts in the winter. I'd say below about 25*F I start wishing they were lined, but I don't stay out
in the cold long enough for that to matter.

I have run them through the washer (I don't remember if this is recommended, so be aware that I
might be going against the care instructions) many times. Sometimes I hang dry, other times I
toss them in with my other clothes on low heat, just making sure there's nothing else in the wash
that might snag them. They have worn really well and are still going strong. I have had to lint-roll
them a few times. It helps to wash and dry them inside out to keep lint at bay.

They finally got them back in stock in the gray, so I ordered those, and the gray color is SUPER
nice. It's a lovely dark gray. Pretty true to the color I see in the photo on my screen now. The very
first time I put them on, I was headed out the door when I turned around to grab something and
accidentally stepped on my cat, who had sneaked up behind me. She clawed at me instantly,
poor thing, and I was so upset thinking I'd ruined my new leggings before I even got to wear them
out of the house, but they didn't even snag! No runs, nothing. I ran and put a bandage on the cat
scratch underneath before any blood could get on the leggings, but my leg was the only thing that
sustained any damage. Kitty was fine, too. So I'm now a customer for life as long as Angelina
manufactures these leggings, and I'll be trying other products of theirs. Seriously, for the price of
these, vs. the price of a good pair of nylons? No contest where longevity and durability concerned.

These would NOT be good as "pants," at least not if you are on the upper half of the size range --
I would never wear them without a skirt over my backside and upper thighs. It's possible a small
person might be able to get away with it. While the leggings are not see-through when they are
stretched taut at the upper edge of the fit range, they are a little bit shiny, I suppose from the
Spandex or whatnot being exposed more to the light. So this is an issue on the upper thighs
and rear end/hips, not below that.

These leggings are soft to the hand, very pleasant to wear and feel, not at all scratchy or
uncomfortable like nylon pantyhose can be on thunder thighs, yet just as form-fitting, but with
plenty of stretch and give. They're just about perfect. I said in the review title that I'm going to buy
them in every color ... okay, so I wouldn't have much use for yellow leggings, personally, but I have
my eye on several other colors for sure, and maybe even those new fishnet style ones, rrrawr.
They're such a great price. Love 'em.

By Bernice A. Drake on February 5, 2013
Color Name: BrownSize Name: One Size
I wouldn't be revealing this personal info, but it might help someone decide. I wasn't going to 
buy these leggings because the description said that they fit up to size 18 for women. I knew that
I needed more like a 26 to 28 because of the size of my butt. I'm 5'1", 264 pounds, with a very 
pear shaped body. (I was pear shaped even when I was 105 pounds.) I decided to order 
one pair to try them, because the company had said to order anyway and to give them feedback. They arrived very quickly. When I took them out of the package and saw how skinny they were, I thought that I 
might as well just give them to my very skinny son to use as long underwear for cold weather. 
But, then I thought that I should at least try to get into them, so that I could give feedback. To 
my amazement, they pulled on easily, without tearing, without being too tight, and were quite
comfortable. I was wearing a caftan at the time (one of my favorite outfits) and these were 
perfect under them. I immediately stopped feeling chilly and was also much less self-
conscious. They helped me feel more completely dressed. They look good with some long
tunics I have as well. At my weight and age, I wouldn't be wearing them with a short tunic or
blouse, but they would be fine for that with a younger or skinnier person. I've worn them for 
several days now and they are holding up fine. They are very comfortable and don't tend to slide
down at all. I will be buying more of them in different colors as soon as I finish this review.

Tips on How to Wear Leggings:

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